Sue Saunders (Hedworth)

Sue Saunders (Michael Smiths sister) is a playwright and poet based in the north east of England. Her latest work is a one-act play for a cast of three women, based on the experiences which Dorothy Wordsworth, William’s sister, records in a lifetime of letters, and in her Grasmere journals of 1800 to 1802. More unusually it is set in the period of Dorothy’s decline into dementia in middle age.

Wordsworth's Sister
The Wordsworth sitting room at Rydal Mount: Kelly Hughes (Dora ) Karen Elliot (Dorothy) Christine Holland (Dot) in ‘Wordsworth’s Sister’ (by Sue Saunders).

Sue has already published several plays. All are for large mixed casts and are designed for use in school as well as theatres. ‘In Holland Stands a House’ is based on the diaries of Anne Frank. It was published in 1990 and has regularly been performed internationally ever since. ‘Local Heroes’ is a collection of one-act plays on world myths and legends: the Lambton Worm, Theseus and the Minotaur, and the ‘Ramayana’. ‘The Mill on the Floss’ is based on George Eliot’s novel of the same name. Most recently, her play about young people caught up in the First World War – ‘White Poppies’ – was premiered by the Oast Youth Theatre in Kent.

Writing under the name Susan Hedworth, Sue has also collaborated with Tess Cosslett (Dr Tess Cosslett, Reader in Victorian Studies and Women's Writing at Lancaster University) on two volumes of poetry – ‘Angels of the North’ and ‘Installations’.

Sue Hedworth


Sue’s new play, which has the working title ’Wordsworth’s Sister’, was commissioned by the People’s Theatre, Newcastle on Tyne, to celebrate their centenary year in 2011.



In Holland Stands a House’ by Sue Saunders published by Collins Educational (Plays Plus)

ISBN: 978-0-00-330242-4

See here for an entry about this play on the Holocaust Memorial Site. Schools and drama groups can look here for further information.

The Mill on the Floss’ by Sue Saunders published by Collins Educational (Plays Plus)

ISBN: 000-323-076-7

Local Heroes’ by Sue Saunders published by Nelson

ISBN: 0-17-432611- 4

White Poppies’ by Sue Saunders published by Pearson Educational

ISBN: 978-0-435233-45-7

Angels of the North’ by Susan Hedworth and Tess Cosslett published by Angels

ISBN: 0-9539661-0-0

‘Installations’ by Susan Hedworth and Tess Cosslett published by Angels

ISBN: 0-9539661-1-9

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